Citizens Across Montana Are Angry

By Tim Ravndal (Opinion) In recent changes with Governor Bullock’s executive order/directive, business owners and families with children continue to lose faith in the public trust. With hospitals vying for covid funds it is apparent that the priority is health care funding. Insurance companies working from home collecting premium accounts subsidized by federal covid fundingContinue reading “Citizens Across Montana Are Angry”

Dictator of Stevensville Speaks

By Tim Ravndal ( Opinion) Mayor Brandon E. Dewey of Stevensville Montana fired off an official directive from his office to the Superintendent of the Stevensville School District Robert Moore and Chairman Greg Trangmoe of the Stevensville School Board. Covid-19 has provided an open door to the usurpation of power by many officials. Here inContinue reading “Dictator of Stevensville Speaks”

Gallatin County Officials Called Out By Citizens

On Tuesday morning while the fog was still sleeping in the valley, citizens in Gallatin County were gathering to attend a public meeting regarding the covid-Lockdown. The meeting was scheduled for 7am in one of the largest facilities offside the college campus. In the Commons facility, seating of up to 100 was in line withContinue reading “Gallatin County Officials Called Out By Citizens”

Timber Industry Dying

By Tim Ravndal Infrastructure for handling timber resources in Montana and Idaho has been on the threatened or endangered species list for multiple years. Several years ago, Montana University bureau of business and economic research did an inventory of lumber production companies.   Between 1990 and 2010 there were 28 large sawmills in Montana andContinue reading “Timber Industry Dying”

Demanding Truth, Honor And Justice

The “Coalition of Concerned Citizens of Broadwater County want everyone to know the truth. For more than 12 years a coalition of concerned citizens has endeavored to expose and put an end to multiple egregious acts against the public trust. Allegations of violating the public trust by Commissioner Laura Obert and other elected and appointedContinue reading “Demanding Truth, Honor And Justice”

Montana Rally For Future Of Freedom And Liberty

In Montana there are many citizens that are concerned about how the Covid-19 pandemic is playing on their rights. After Governor Bullock advanced the LockDown in Montana as a result of the federal advisory order. Many businesses and essential activities enjoyed and needed by the citizens of Montana were curtailed in the name of safety.Continue reading “Montana Rally For Future Of Freedom And Liberty”

Abortion Is Not Healthcare

By Tim Ravndal In Missoula Montana one of the high level interests is government overreach and spending. The Healthcare industry is a well oiled machine that is often co-opted by nonprofit organizations like Blue Mountain Clinic. Due to COVID19, Blue Mountain Clinic temporarily reduced their hours of operation. A decision was made to reduce theContinue reading “Abortion Is Not Healthcare”

Election Day Battle In Eastern Montana Heats Up

Election Campaigning is now in full swing across Montana. Candidates and those in office are working hard to make sure that the voters are provided all the campaign information they can get. It is very difficult with the quarantine in place prohibiting meeting citizens face to face. The primary election is going entirely to theContinue reading “Election Day Battle In Eastern Montana Heats Up”