Officials Table County Fair

Broadwater County Health Board held their official meeting on June 19th 2020 to discuss health issues the people are facing in the county. The Covid-19 virus is taking headlines across America causing local officials to curtail events based on guidelines established by Montana Governor Steve Bullock.

Commissioner Delger and Commissioner Folkvord both voiced their concerns regarding the request from the fair board to move forward with the annual event.

Sheriff Wynn Meehan brought forward the “Guidelines suggested by the National Rodeo Association. The NRA is advising caution while providing an outline for holding a safe event with a personal responsibility clause in the guideline.

Sheriff Meehan advised the board members that his office is not in a position to infringe on the rights of the citizens. He also said he understands that the need to adjust the planning of the event is in order. Sheriff Meehan repeatedly stated he will not violate constitutional the rights of the citizens.

County Nurse Theresa Munson cited the current covid-19 statistics claiming there is no confirmed cases in Broadwater County but she is very cautious in opening the doors of Broadwater County to the outside.

Broadwater County Health Nurse Theresa Munson

County Health Officer Dr. Campbell stated he is okay with asking citizens if they are feeling alright but putting them on a list is not.

Members of the County Fair Board were present at the meeting hoping to get an official answer. Between the Fair and Rodeo there is planning already committed to, with a substantial funding commitment on the table.

The scheduling of the fair and rodeo are highly dependent upon commitments of entries for both contestants and the public.

The health board not having a concrete plan before them decided to table their decision on the matter. The board agreed to look at already established plans in other counties if possible. It was decided to revisit the issue and make a decision next Friday June 26th 2020.

Members of the health board agreed to a visit to the fair grounds, to get a hands on look at the facility in assessing the ability to comply with the guidelines set for social distancing. Saturday night rodeo is the night where participation will be a difficult challenge to be considered with possible limits on public participation.

The locally sponsored Walleye tournament is also on the table before the health board awaiting approval. The plan for following the covid-19 guidelines is in the process but no decision was made by the health board to proceed.


Political Fallout

Letter To Editor

Sorry…. Not sorry. Let me start off with this it did not just start three years ago. It’s been going on for years without any consequences for corrupt politicians. I don’t give a crap who this offends but I stand by it.

War is coming! You the Government!! You are all a bunch of cowards! You raised the cost of living so high that both parents are always at work, rather than spending time with their children (single parents stand no chance)😥.

You took God out of schools. Parents were told ‘No you can’t discipline your kids’. Well, now most of those kids are rude and out of control. You shall reap what you sow! We have taken a whole generation and turned them into selfish, entitled brats who have no respect for people, property or authority!

You deem people with terminal illnesses and some with only a few months to live…fit for work!!! You allow our veterans of war to go homeless and hungry but give out millions to foreign aid!!! You save drug addicts over and over again but refuse to give free diabetic supplies to those who need them to stay alive.

You bend over backwards to be politically correct, too scared to say enough is enough, in case you offend someone. You put the retirement age up so people must work until they drop.

You take care of prisoners and give them everything under the sun (food, medical, education, representation, money, rehabilitation) yet you charge the elderly, those that have paid their debt to society and their families, to go broke caring for them either at home or in a nursing home…THINGS NEED TO CHANGE!

Written by Marcy Fortner here in Montana


Wolves Have No Mercy

By Tim Ravndal

It has been now nearly a quarter century since the Federal Government brought to Montana an invasive species known as the wolf.

Animal Rights Activists took to the streets from New York to Los Angeles with a cry to save the wolves. In that quest, the National Park regulators looked the other way and rubber stamped the plan to re-introduce wolves into Yellowstone National Park

As the plan moved forward, ranchers, farmers, hunters and families across Montana looked at history and called foul to the federal government officials. The quest for responsible wildlife management then came home to rest with Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks. (MFWP)

In the next several years, MFWP took the ostrich in the sand approach claiming they had no jurisdiction to intervene in the introduction. In communities across Montana the truth continued to rise in what was being done with still no response from Montana elected officials.

Here we are in 2020 where the species that was introduced into Yellowstone has migrated many miles from the park. They are multiplying at rates that exceed the prey base available and still MFWP sits idly by only looking at selling licenses.

The failure to take an aggressive approach to wolf management has resulted in a catastrophic impact to the economy and the future of wildlife in Montana.

Looking at the species in question, there is documented historical records that show the re-introduction is not the species that existed in the United States when Montana became a territory and later a state. The species now here is a hybrid that has no biological connection to the management of wildlife in Montana.

We now are looking at a new Governor of Montana along with multiple other high level offices that will be filled in November. Will these elected officials protect the rights of the people or will they continue to march down the road of political and social correctness?

If you like deer and elk hunting in Montana and love to stand with ranchers to protect Livestock and private property rights, do not help promote a political agenda that is destined to ruin Montana. In November remember who is going to stand for the people and those who only stand for the system that is working the system for the system.

Broadwater County Audit Reveals Mistakes

Denning and Downey is an accounting firm located in Kalispell Montana. They have been engaged in performing the annual audit for Broadwater County for multiple years. On June 29th 2020 Angela with Denning and Downey participated in an exit interview with Broadwater County Commissioners.

The audit performed each year, discloses discrepancies in the accounting records. These discrepancies are identified and the county officials are tasked with making the corrections needed to comply with the local government accounting act.

Each year there is a full explanation in a final report from the auditing company for public review. Corrections or actions are documented in the final report where the county officials recognize the discrepancies and make necessary corrections.

Angela had the commissioners refer to the draft audit report on page 69. The 1st exception listed in the audit referenced $385,000 in a depository institution and that amount was not insured or guaranteed if the bank should fail.

Later discussion was about the lack of places to “invest” that amount for more than 0.3% Doug did say he would place a call and ask the amount covered for the county be increased

On page 60 – there was a question about the mills for the permissive health levy that is on the books with the Broadwater County Hospital District. Those funds are under review by the county.

The Public Safety budget was found to b $50,000 over projected budgeting and Search and Rescue department under public safety was $5000 over budget. No remedies for this were discussed in the meeting.

The Canyon Ferry Trust apparently rec’d a donation from a private individual and then transferred that amount to the county. It was advised that this action was not authorized and would need to be corrected.

The audit further found that there are multiple old outstanding warrants “I.e. checks that have never been returned to the accounting department for reconciliation. In cases like this there is a time frame that is followed to resolve these warrants and the Montana Department of Revenue is given a list of the outstanding warrants for publication.

There are questions still regarding the funding process of the Deep Creek process but the audit declared that they left that off the table.

Broadwater County Elected Officials Review Audit

The views, opinions, or positions expressed here by the authors and those providing comments are the recordings of the individual rights of the people.  Some comments, opinions or positions posted here may not agree with The View From Montana.  We will do our best to provide a venue for the people of Montana to have your voices heard.  Social Media, including Facebook may not want your position heard so Please take a moment and consider sharing this article with your friends and family. Thank you.

Private Schooling Wins

Supreme Court Answers the Call From Montana. In Espinoza v. Montana the funding for education was challenged. Over multiple years the effort to ensure that funding for education was not kept away from private and religious education opportunities fell short.

Montana Legislature took multiple attempts at correcting an action that has been perceived as discrimination in the education process.

The application of the no-aid provision discriminated against religious schools and the families whose children attend or hope to attend them in violation of the Free Exercise Clause of the Federal Constitution.

The views, opinions, or positions expressed here by the authors and those providing comments are the recordings of the individual rights of the people.  Some comments, opinions or positions posted here may not agree with The View From Montana.  We will do our best to provide a venue for the people of Montana to have your voices heard.  Social Media, including Facebook may not want your position heard so Please take a moment and consider sharing this article with your friends and family. Thank you.

Timber Industry Dying

By Tim Ravndal

Infrastructure for handling timber resources in Montana and Idaho has been on the threatened or endangered species list for multiple years.

Several years ago, Montana University bureau of business and economic research did an inventory of lumber production companies.   Between 1990 and 2010 there were 28 large sawmills in Montana and Idaho closed.

Sawmill Closures

These mills processed over 900 million board feet of timber, employed 2676 workers, that supported communities and families with good paying jobs.  In addition, there were countless numbers of jobs in the logging industry and associated businesses that were impacted by the closures.

As the economic impact continued to rise in communities across the West, causes and solutions were placed high on the priority list of political bodies from local government on up to the level of the United States Congress.

A Congressional Field Hearing was Held in Missoula Montana where Senator Conrad Burns from Montana brought stakeholders together to review natural resource industry and recreation in the communities across the west.  Nothing was ever developed at the national level as a result of the hearing.

Timber production from United States Forest Service managed lands continued to see reductions with an increase of environmental lawsuits filed under the National Environmental Policy Act

Later, Montana Senator Jon Tester brought forward what is known as the National Healthy Forest Act.  This legislation created a new approach of bringing environmental organizations together with industry to collaborate together for administering the management of national forest timber resources.

The legislation died due to lack of support.  Senator Tester reintroduced the legislation but the legislation fails to garner enough congressional support to move forward.

Tort reform was also on the table due to the high level of litigation that was impacting the ability to properly manage forest resources.  The amount of timber resources lost due to the epidemic outbreak of the pine beetle is unknown.

Local government officials in timbered counties are working to maintain a forest management program that produces forest health and public safety.  In 2016 Montana entered into a  “Good Neighbor Program” that is focused on full collaboration.  In Idaho there are 10 collaborative partners and 13 in Montana.  The Idaho Forest Group is a collaborative group directly engaged in forest management.

Collaboration is in the drivers seat and across the west where compromise is on the table. Compromising with environmental organizations and industry continues to be showcased. Multiple stakeholders in the collaboration process are representatives from environmental groups like the Wilderness Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Wildlife Federation.

Here in Montana, a combination of efforts continue to be analyzed leading forest management back to local control.  In Granite County, the county commissioners created the Forest Management Advisory Committee.  This committee is comprised of local citizens and are looking at the natural resource management policies in the county.

With many local governments working on planning and growth policy updates, forest management often is left to the State or Federal partners in the cooperating agency programs.  In Granite County, the Forest Management Advisory Committee is taking a close look at forest management being incorporated in their growth policy.  Unlike most other programs, Granite County is looking at utilizing coordination management to ensure the local citizens have a seat at the table for future management.

A few months ago, Montana Department of Natural Resources along with a representative of the Montana Logging Association brought the citizens of Granite County a presentation on actions and planning on the Beaverhead National Forest.  The “Good Neighbor Authority” program was highlighted, and extensive discussion on collaborative efforts included in the program were described to the audience.

A representative of Congressman Gianforte was there, as were officials from the United States Forest Service.  None of the County Commissioners were present for comment.

Forest management has been in some ways a 3 ring circus with the utilization of the 3 C’s.  First preferred management is the engagement of “Cooperating Agency Status”  USFS prefers this management scenario in which they are the lead agency and develop all planning.

Even though the National Environment Policy Act provides for participation in planning from scoping to final, it is difficult to follow let alone participate in the process when many decisions are made outside of the public process.


Second option in management is the new push by environmental organizations called “Collaboration.”  In this scenario, the lead agency compiles a membership consisting of stakeholders in the natural resource management.  Environmental groups seek compromise from the timber industries within a stewardship regulatory scheme of forest management.

Third and citizen preferred management option is “Coordination” where local government is provided a seat at the table to develop a resource management plan.  In this scenario, no final action can be made by the federal or state agencies if the plan is not in compliance with the local resource management plan.  In multiple counties across the west, coordination has been successful in enhancing access to public lands and proper management of natural resources.

A member of the Forest Management Advisory Committee brought forward notice that they were working on coordination.  It is desired by the committee to include a resource plan and coordination into the county growth policy.  The representative from the Department of Natural Resources repeated multiple times that Montana is primarily involved in collaboration.

Demanding Truth, Honor And Justice

The “Coalition of Concerned Citizens of Broadwater County want everyone to know the truth. For more than 12 years a coalition of concerned citizens has endeavored to expose and put an end to multiple egregious acts against the public trust. Allegations of violating the public trust by Commissioner Laura Obert and other elected and appointed officials is well documented.

Under 7-3-173MCA, Broadwater County’s form of local government is reviewed every 10 years by a county commissioner appointed government review commission.  Our form of government is a Constitutional 3 commission form of government as voted for by the people.  Direct violations of this law by Broadwater County Commissioners is recorded in the First Judicial District Court. 

Mr. Brian Obert, currently the executive director of Montana Business Assistance Connection (MBAC), served on the review commission.  That seat opened the door to the economic development platform to the Broadwater County Development Corporation (BCDC).  Commissioner Laura Obert has repeatedly voted to provide financial support to BCDC while serving as a voting member of BCDC.  “Conflict of Interest” 

 MBAC administers a county owned revolving loan fund.    Each year the county continues to pay MBAC and BCDC thousands of dollars from the taxpayers in the guise of “economic development.”  Again, “Conflict of Interest” questions have been raised by the coalition of concerned citizens.

The Bunkhouse Property owned by the citizens of the county near Toston was sold to a private party.  MBAC previously known as Gateway Development Corporation was given authority over the sale.  Laura Obert serving as county commissioner and her husband Brian working for MBAC raised “Ethical and Conflict of Interest” questions.  Despite numerous complaints and inquiries, to this date, there has been no resolution in the matter.

A dispute between a land developer resulted in the county paying the state to avoid litigation over required highway turn lanes. MBAC arranged for a loan from the developer to repay the county that also generates revenue for MBAC.  The turn lane funds continue to be directed to other MBAC projects by the county commissioners led by Commissioner Obert.  This is further documentation of yet another “Conflict of Interest” allegation. 

 It was discovered, we the taxpayers were frauded of over $35,000.  It took almost 8 years, but finally Bill Fleiner, pleaded guilty to felony fraud.  Mr. Fleiner testified in Federal Court that Commissioners Obert and Gravely knew what he was doing and had control of the funds he was pilfering.  He and another employee were fired, but the commissioners under leadership of Commissioner Obert placed full blame on Bill Fleiner. 

The right to know and participate in all local government is protected by Montana’s Constitution.  In addition, Montana open meeting laws clearly hold elected officials accountable to the people.    Broadwater County Commissioners under the leadership of Commissioner Obert has repeatedly violated that right.  Past Commissioner Franklin Slifka was forced to file a civil suit against Commissioners Obert and Graveley,, alleging a violation of the Constitution of Montana and Montana’s Open Meeting laws.  Judge Reynolds was given incomplete information regarding the form of government by Commissioner Obert.  Commissioner Slifka then provided the court with accurate legal status of Broadwater County and Judge Reynolds ruled in favor of the citizens.  Unfortunately, there are multiple complaints still on file that allege Commissioner Obert continues to violate these same laws.

Commissioner Obert assuming unilateral authority decided she deserved more compensation for serving the citizens.  She awarded herself a pay raise without notice to the other commissioners or citizens. This is a direct violation of the 3-commission form of government.  The Attorney General’s office also determined this action was a direct violation of open meeting law and the Constitution of Montana.  Commissioner Obert was given a Deferred Prosecution Agreement in that legal matter.  The truth in the matter has now reached questions of law before district court. 

Commissioner Obert has regularly claimed the county commissioners have no jurisdiction over the Broadwater County Hospital District. However, the commissioners led by Commissioner Obert initiated and approved a $750,000.00 loan of taxpayer money to bail out the hospital.  In addition, other improper funding questions have been raised on behalf of the taxpayers of Broadwater County.  The coalition of concerned citizens again filed complaints alleging additional open meeting law violations by government officials.

The Deep Creek reclamation project has resulted in several questions about funding and expenditures.  When questions about an expense of over $100,000. was asked, Commissioner Obert referred the query to WWC Engineering for answers. WWC Engineering under Shawn Higley has been asked for a full accounting and complete accounting information is still pending.

A building called “The Foolhen Building” was donated to the county for the use by the rural fire district or county road department by the United States Forest Service.  The county had the building in storage until the past public works director and the rural fire district gave the building to a private individual.  The legal process of selling or disposing of government property must be followed.  The building was moved without any contract or other legal requirements in place under law.  The legal status of the building is still unresolved.

Commissioner Obert repeatedly dis-regards the advice of the County attorney but rather consults with the legal arm of Montana Association of Counties.  Multiple unresolved allegations of nepotism, improper funding, conflict of interest and open meeting law violations have been brought forward by Special Prosecutor Marty Lambert.  These calls for justice remain unanswered.   Many of these questions of law and allegations of illegal activity are now before Montana District Court here in Townsend.

With many county employees fearing for their jobs, they have remained silent.  The county sanitarian stood up to Commissioner Obert and was fired.  Public Works Director Mary Hendrickson was hired to oversee the road, solid waste and weed departments.  The past public works director imposed conditions resulting in the road supervisor quitting and the weed supervisor was fired.  The past solid waste supervisor was blamed for the deficit spending.  The unilateral hiring of a manager outside of the duties of the commission continues to raise a legal question under the citizen approved form of government.  Broadwater County form of government was settled in court by Judge Reynolds.  Multiple challenges are on record. Under control of Commissioner Laura Obert titles and duties of employees are regularly being amended to comply with law after the fact. 

No one is above the law and it is clearly time for the people to stand up and demand Truth, Honor and Justice. 

Barb Demartin                    Gene Determan          Mark Bennet                        Jim Hazel Angie Hazel         Neil Hazel              Debra Brown                       Franklyn Slifka Bev Determan                      Donna Slifka                       Mark Epperson          Todd Daly Julie Lethert                        Duane Holom           Chris Ravndal                     John Potter          Heather Norsby         Cheryl Campbell                 Darlene Cowan                   Terry Roberts Jane Cazier                          Tim Poole                             Tim Ravndal            Marylyn Lane Wendy Daly                          Tracy Fortner           Earl Campbell                     Tom Lethert Melinda Holom        Melissa Smith                      Joan Potter                          Tim Roberts Terry Smith                          Dolly Hazel                          Nancy Magee           Steve Johnson Jerry Norsby                        Bill Lane                  David Cowan                       Greg Norsby David Chase             Rich Slifka                            Marcy Fortner                    Aurora Hurlburt Harvey Ravndal                  Rick Magee                          Levi Brown               Bill Davis Judy Slifka                           Bill Davis                 Boyd Cazier                         Terry Chase

Paid for by Broadwater County Coalition of Concerned Citizens.  Many citizens not listed here in Broadwater County fully support seeking “Truth, Honor and Justice.”  People across Montana are engaged and watching closely.

History Speaks Volumes

Today – the LEFT wants to rewrite history – they would have us believe the United States of America was created by a bunch of rich, white racists. But the truth is – 244 years ago a bunch of regular, hardworking, armed Americans like you and me united together to take a stand and fight for freedom and they kicked the crap out of the Number 1 Super Power on the Planet. The world has never been the same since.
You see back then, gun control didn’t mean the local government was going to go door to door confiscating weapons – it meant they needed to know that every able bodied man of fighting age had weapons and knew how to use them – if you were a male 16 years or older – the law required that you own a musket or a rifle – had powder – 20 rounds of lead – served and trained in the local militia. Back in Rhode Island if you went into town unarmed – they could fine you 5 shillings.
The very best of these men – the most elite –they were selected to be Minute Men –Patriots that could be mobilized to fight the enemy at a minute’s notice. These armed citizens were a direct threat to British control – Americans would never give up their guns – so the Brits decided they were going to try to take them. So on April 19, 1775 British troops marched out of Boston to confiscate weapons and ammo that they believed were hidden on the farm of Col. James Barrett of Concord.
They went to Lexington – they ran into Captain John Parker and his small band of Minute Men who were greatly outnumbered. Captain Parker told his men “Stand your ground – do not fire unless fired upon – if they mean war – let it begin here”. The Brits did fire first and eight Americans died. Then the Redcoats marched on to Col. Barrett’s farm – they didn’t find guns and ammo – what they did find was Col . Barrett’s 400 Minute Man Militia gathered at North Bridge – and once again the Brits fired the first volley – but this time when the American’s fired back the British turned and retreated – they fled the battlefield. More Minute Men – more Militia Men entered the fight and the British took another 300 casualties on their retreat back to Boston. This is the “Shot that was heard around the world” – this was the beginning of America’s fight for freedom – this is our culture – this is our history – let’s remember who we are – let’s remember where we came from – let’s remember exactly why we are Americans.
This was transcribed from a Patriot’s telling the story of the “Shot that was heard around the world”. I don’t know who the man was sitting horseback telling the story.” ~ Shirley Herrin

Stand For Freedom

If the citizens of Montana take a look, we are on a course that is mapped out by the history of this nation. On April 19th 1775 III% of the citizens living in America said enough is enough.

Today in America the Citizens are forfeiting their rights. Is that by choice or is it by design? Will the elected officials of this country honor the rights of the people when this pandemic runs its course?

Will you stand with fellow Montana Citizens to respectfully exercise your right to redress grievances?

On Sunday April 19th 2020, the citizens of Montana will have a chance to take action and stand for our future. Starting at 1:00PM, there will be a gathering on the sidewalk in front of the Montana Capitol.

“United We Stand”


Montana Rally For Future Of Freedom And Liberty

In Montana there are many citizens that are concerned about how the Covid-19 pandemic is playing on their rights. After Governor Bullock advanced the LockDown in Montana as a result of the federal advisory order. Many businesses and essential activities enjoyed and needed by the citizens of Montana were curtailed in the name of safety.

Across America a historic action is underway that has very few boundaries associated with the rights of the people that are listed in the Constitution. Citizens we visited with on Monday April 13th 2020 were holding their daily prayer march at the Capitol in Helena Montana.

Here is a piece of History that certainly is part of a lesson that leads America. “American Revolution begins in Lexington, Massachusetts. The “Shot Heard Round the World” took place in Concord later that day” ~ April 19th 1775

The following Video is an open invitation to the people of Montana to join together with courage to enhance the rights of the people and the future of America.

Faith Rally At Montana Capitol

Montana Viewpoint will be at the Capitol on Sunday April 19th 2020 to record and share for the citizens of Montana that wish to have a chance to be part of a movement in Montana. Under Governor Bullock’s Executive orders, the media is declared essential in this LockDown of America. (Found on Page 5 of the document put out to the people on March 26th 2020.

Abortion Is Not Healthcare

By Tim Ravndal

In Missoula Montana one of the high level interests is government overreach and spending. The Healthcare industry is a well oiled machine that is often co-opted by nonprofit organizations like Blue Mountain Clinic.

Due to COVID19, Blue Mountain Clinic temporarily reduced their hours of operation. A decision was made to reduce the hours Monday-Thursday by one hour from 6PM to 5PM keeping Friday hours remaining the same.

Marilyn Hatch a resident of Missoula has been following Blue Mountain Clinic for quite some time. When able, Mrs. Hatch would show up at the clinic location in Missoula to voice her concerns regarding the practice of performing abortions at the clinic.

Due to the social volatility of the abortion issue, Mrs. Hatch regularly was shown a negative response to her presence including being turned into the Missoula City Police for disrupting the social atmosphere at the clinic.

Covid-19 was enacted providing an exemption to the clinic under the name of necessary health care services. Many across Montana have been looking at the Executive orders by Montana Governor Steve Bullock effecting the Emergency Declaration.

In that declaration, Governor Bullock specifically afforded local government officials to make determinations regarding the need of an emergency declaration at the county level.

Looking at the stimulus package that was passed by the federal government there is a tremendous amount of funding that is going into health care facilities to offset the impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. $1,300,000,000, for ‘‘Primary Health Care’’ alone with no parameters in place.

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic has set such a high level of priorities with the State of Montana it is confusing to compare taking of life using funding that is earmarked to save lives.

Mrs. Hatch was recently turned in for disrupting operations at the clinic. Her regular effort to bring attention to the clinic is Wednesday mornings. That is the day the clinic schedules and performs abortions beginning at 7:00AM.

The Missoula police were called and Mrs. Hatch was accused of improper vocal insinuations against the clinic. The police officers arrived at the scene and warned Mrs. Hatch that she would be cited for disorderly conduct or perhaps another charge if she continued to protest at the clinic.

Mrs. Hatch regularly stays on the public sidewalk not trespassing on the clinic property. On Wednesday April 8th we interviewed Mrs. Hatch getting her side of this story. For some reason, the clinic failed to open so we were unable to get their position on record.

Here is the story worth listening to from Marylin Hatch on that Wednesday morning.

Marylin Hatch Speaks To The People Of Montana

Election Day Battle In Eastern Montana Heats Up

Election Campaigning is now in full swing across Montana. Candidates and those in office are working hard to make sure that the voters are provided all the campaign information they can get. It is very difficult with the quarantine in place prohibiting meeting citizens face to face.

The primary election is going entirely to the voters by mail in only. The campaign season will therefore wrap up the first week of May when ballots are mailed. The voters will have until Election Day on June 2, 2020 to return their ballots to be counted.

In Eastern Montana there are several legislative seats that are being vacated. In the 2020 election cycle the “Solutions Caucus” of the Republican Party are on the hunt to win additional seats that will join the Democrats in the 2021 Legislature.

Legistats of Montana led by Former Legislator Ed Butcher has been providing the voters a message that the mainstream media fails to do. The solutions caucus members do not like their voting records placed before the voters.

Voting records expose how the political control of the Montana Legislature is highly debated. Two of the Republican Party’s “Solutions Caucus” members Joel Krauter and Eric Moore are showcased in the following video.

The two Legislators that served in the 2019 Legislature are scored here by Legistats giving the voters a clear picture of how these two republican representatives crossed the isle voting with democrats.

Votes have consequences and Election Day is coming.

Montana Viewpoint will focus on providing the people of Montana an alternate place to get informed. Networking with like minded news sources will help the people win on Election Day.