Citizens Across Montana Are Angry

By Tim Ravndal (Opinion) In recent changes with Governor Bullock’s executive order/directive, business owners and families with children continue to lose faith in the public trust. With hospitals vying for covid funds it is apparent that the priority is health care funding. Insurance companies working from home collecting premium accounts subsidized by federal covid fundingContinue reading “Citizens Across Montana Are Angry”


By Paul Valleley Black Lives Matter might be viewed as a grassroots movement of concerned people gathering together. Black Lives Matter is a corporation whose real name is Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF). (Yep…it is one of those capitalistic corporations they profess to hate) The following information is on their web site. ItContinue reading “WHO AND WHAT IS—BLACK LIVES MATTER?”

Senator Fielder Runs For Public Service Commission

Opinion By Tim Ravndal Serving in the Montana Legislature Senator Fielder has made strides with the defense of natural resource management here in Montana. Because there are many factors in natural resources under high levels of input regulated by the Public Service Commission (PSC) she is now taking a run at the PSC to serveContinue reading “Senator Fielder Runs For Public Service Commission”

Townsend School District Adopts Initial Reopening Plan

The Townsend School District board met Tuesday evening to discuss and adopt an initial plan to open schools in Townsend. Fear brought on by the Covid-19 has most all elected and appointed officials running for cover. In Broadwater county, elected officials have closed doors to distance employees from the potential threat of contact with anyoneContinue reading “Townsend School District Adopts Initial Reopening Plan”

NRA Faces Tyranny

The National Rifle Association takes on Letitla James both individually and in her official capacity as attorney General. (Hereinafter referred to as “James”) Action has been filed in court on August 6th 2020 demanding a jury trial. The attack by James against NRA is at best a political campaign promise for the office of AGContinue reading “NRA Faces Tyranny”

Dictator of Stevensville Speaks

By Tim Ravndal ( Opinion) Mayor Brandon E. Dewey of Stevensville Montana fired off an official directive from his office to the Superintendent of the Stevensville School District Robert Moore and Chairman Greg Trangmoe of the Stevensville School Board. Covid-19 has provided an open door to the usurpation of power by many officials. Here inContinue reading “Dictator of Stevensville Speaks”

Broadwater County Commissioner Shuts Down Meeting

Governor Steve Bullock in March of 2020 issued an emergency order directive that opened the door to quarantine and isolation in Montana.  The order issued uses Title 50 of Montana law giving executive power over a declaration of an emergency. In that authority ingress and egress, including the isolation and control measures in part areContinue reading “Broadwater County Commissioner Shuts Down Meeting”

Gallatin County Officials Called Out By Citizens

On Tuesday morning while the fog was still sleeping in the valley, citizens in Gallatin County were gathering to attend a public meeting regarding the covid-Lockdown. The meeting was scheduled for 7am in one of the largest facilities offside the college campus. In the Commons facility, seating of up to 100 was in line withContinue reading “Gallatin County Officials Called Out By Citizens”

Montana Capitol Project Begins Construction

In the 2019 Legislature elected representatives brought forward legislation that would recognize the multiple tribes in front of the Montana Capitol Building. HB524 is a law that was passed in the 2019 Legislative session called the “Tribal Flag Circle”. That legislation revised existing laws providing for the installation of an American Indian Monument. This projectContinue reading “Montana Capitol Project Begins Construction”

Broadwater County Audit Reveals Mistakes

Denning and Downey is an accounting firm located in Kalispell Montana. They have been engaged in performing the annual audit for Broadwater County for multiple years. On June 29th 2020 Angela with Denning and Downey participated in an exit interview with Broadwater County Commissioners. The audit performed each year, discloses discrepancies in the accounting records.Continue reading “Broadwater County Audit Reveals Mistakes”