Citizens Across Montana Are Angry

By Tim Ravndal (Opinion)

In recent changes with Governor Bullock’s executive order/directive, business owners and families with children continue to lose faith in the public trust.

With hospitals vying for covid funds it is apparent that the priority is health care funding. Insurance companies working from home collecting premium accounts subsidized by federal covid funding continues to take center stage. Enter the mask directive and we see the frustration mounting by the hour. Business profits have tanked and local businesses are closing.

Governor Bullock is sitting on millions of tax dollars that are supposed to be hitting the streets in his viral shutdown.  These funds are supposed to help families and businesses across Montana. Unfortunately, those funds are being doled out to special interest parties with many associations with political campaigning.

Bullock is working from his office campaigning for United States Senate, and the people that are awake can see the truth. Unfortunately, the quest for power is shared throughout the political landscape leaving the people behind.  Most all local government officials are hiding in fear with a hand extended to receive funding from a bankrupt federal government.  Montana Legislators fear losing to tyranny and they too have tuck and run syndrome.

The provisions of the covid directive are crushing businesses.  Families are experiencing major problems to keep the household together resulting in further social decay. If you can relate to this scenario and are fed up with being told that this is no longer America, I urge you to get off the couch and be heard.

An event coming up in Helena on September 11th 2020 will deliver a message of courage.  Citizens are going to stand united to highlight the need to return to a representative form of government.  The event is without a doubt going to light the brushfires in the minds of patriots and give them an action plan to put into effect at home.

Citizens from across Montana will join with friends and neighbors to stand against tyranny. This my friends…is the key to freedom and liberty. Because the mainstream media is only giving the talking points of the medically and socially dependent industries it is imperative that the people of Montana are given a chance to see they are not alone in seeking the truth. 

See you at the Capitol on Patriot Day September 11th 2020

The views, opinions, or positions expressed here by the authors and those providing comments are the recordings of the individual rights of the people.  Some comments, opinions or positions posted here may not agree with Montana Viewpoint. 

Published by Tim Ravndal

Montana Patriot Standing On The Front Lines Against Corruption and Tyranny

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