Dictator of Stevensville Speaks

By Tim Ravndal ( Opinion)

Mayor Brandon E. Dewey of Stevensville Montana fired off an official directive from his office to the Superintendent of the Stevensville School District Robert Moore and Chairman Greg Trangmoe of the Stevensville School Board.

Covid-19 has provided an open door to the usurpation of power by many officials. Here in the small community of Stevensville, Mayor Dewey appears to have placed the Constitution on the shelf.

The letter showing the officials of the school district his obvious dissent in their decision to not require masks as school reopens this fall.

In his letter he cautions against politicizing and misrepresentation even under the best of intentions. When we look at how the letter provides political doublespeak we find the true purpose of his letter

His talking points refer to Governor Bullock’s directive and he even cites 10-3-305(2), MCA. the language in his letter is divisive and is clearly biased both politically and socially.

“I implore you to immediately reconsider your direction on this matter.” ~ Mayor Dewey

His letter also gives indication that he is going to move with the city council on a mask/face covering throughout the community at their next meeting on August 13th.

If any of the residents of Stevensville have a copy of the Constitution they could give Mr. Dewey he is prime for some good reading.

Separation of power is paramount in a free society and to endorse an unconstitutional act that has no backing of law places that individual in violation of the public trust.

There is no provisions in Montana law that provide for a mandatory enforcement of masks. Unless the area is under quarantine, the provisions of law under title 50 and Title 10 do not apply.

I am not an attorney nor do I play one on the street so Mr. Dewey should consider taking a closer look at his oath of office as an elected official serving the people of Montana.

Tim Ravndal
Townsend Montana

Published by Tim Ravndal

Montana Patriot Standing On The Front Lines Against Corruption and Tyranny

6 thoughts on “Dictator of Stevensville Speaks

  1. I definitely disagree with forcing citizens to wear facemasks.
    At the same time, I wonder why you can’t express your opinion and at the same time keep your comments and the dialogue civil.
    Calling our Mayor a Dictator is ridiculous and uncalled for. I’m not going to ask you to offer up an apology though I think you owe him one.
    You can disagree with someone and not stoop to name calling.
    Are you really from Townsend and if you are what do you have to do with the politics of this town?


    1. History is important Sharon and as I have been across Montana standing up for citizens just like you that do not get a voice in the government overreach I see wrong I shall be heard. You are correct in that you will not get an apology from me on the title of my “Opinion” on this so if that offends you then I will say look forward to winter when snowflakes don’t melt quite as quick. ~ Tim Ravndal


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