Broadwater County Audit Reveals Mistakes

Denning and Downey is an accounting firm located in Kalispell Montana. They have been engaged in performing the annual audit for Broadwater County for multiple years. On June 29th 2020 Angela with Denning and Downey participated in an exit interview with Broadwater County Commissioners.

The audit performed each year, discloses discrepancies in the accounting records. These discrepancies are identified and the county officials are tasked with making the corrections needed to comply with the local government accounting act.

Each year there is a full explanation in a final report from the auditing company for public review. Corrections or actions are documented in the final report where the county officials recognize the discrepancies and make necessary corrections.

Angela had the commissioners refer to the draft audit report on page 69. The 1st exception listed in the audit referenced $385,000 in a depository institution and that amount was not insured or guaranteed if the bank should fail.

Later discussion was about the lack of places to “invest” that amount for more than 0.3% Doug did say he would place a call and ask the amount covered for the county be increased

On page 60 – there was a question about the mills for the permissive health levy that is on the books with the Broadwater County Hospital District. Those funds are under review by the county.

The Public Safety budget was found to b $50,000 over projected budgeting and Search and Rescue department under public safety was $5000 over budget. No remedies for this were discussed in the meeting.

The Canyon Ferry Trust apparently rec’d a donation from a private individual and then transferred that amount to the county. It was advised that this action was not authorized and would need to be corrected.

The audit further found that there are multiple old outstanding warrants “I.e. checks that have never been returned to the accounting department for reconciliation. In cases like this there is a time frame that is followed to resolve these warrants and the Montana Department of Revenue is given a list of the outstanding warrants for publication.

There are questions still regarding the funding process of the Deep Creek process but the audit declared that they left that off the table.

Broadwater County Elected Officials Review Audit

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One thought on “Broadwater County Audit Reveals Mistakes

  1. Scary that these are the people who have control of your tax $$$$$$ !!! No questions from the public? Who has more braines & knowledge of what’s going on? What happened to “public participation”?

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