Abortion Is Not Healthcare

By Tim Ravndal

In Missoula Montana one of the high level interests is government overreach and spending. The Healthcare industry is a well oiled machine that is often co-opted by nonprofit organizations like Blue Mountain Clinic.

Due to COVID19, Blue Mountain Clinic temporarily reduced their hours of operation. A decision was made to reduce the hours Monday-Thursday by one hour from 6PM to 5PM keeping Friday hours remaining the same.

Marilyn Hatch a resident of Missoula has been following Blue Mountain Clinic for quite some time. When able, Mrs. Hatch would show up at the clinic location in Missoula to voice her concerns regarding the practice of performing abortions at the clinic.

Due to the social volatility of the abortion issue, Mrs. Hatch regularly was shown a negative response to her presence including being turned into the Missoula City Police for disrupting the social atmosphere at the clinic.

Covid-19 was enacted providing an exemption to the clinic under the name of necessary health care services. Many across Montana have been looking at the Executive orders by Montana Governor Steve Bullock effecting the Emergency Declaration.

In that declaration, Governor Bullock specifically afforded local government officials to make determinations regarding the need of an emergency declaration at the county level.

Looking at the stimulus package that was passed by the federal government there is a tremendous amount of funding that is going into health care facilities to offset the impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. $1,300,000,000, for ‘‘Primary Health Care’’ alone with no parameters in place.

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic has set such a high level of priorities with the State of Montana it is confusing to compare taking of life using funding that is earmarked to save lives.

Mrs. Hatch was recently turned in for disrupting operations at the clinic. Her regular effort to bring attention to the clinic is Wednesday mornings. That is the day the clinic schedules and performs abortions beginning at 7:00AM.

The Missoula police were called and Mrs. Hatch was accused of improper vocal insinuations against the clinic. The police officers arrived at the scene and warned Mrs. Hatch that she would be cited for disorderly conduct or perhaps another charge if she continued to protest at the clinic.

Mrs. Hatch regularly stays on the public sidewalk not trespassing on the clinic property. On Wednesday April 8th we interviewed Mrs. Hatch getting her side of this story. For some reason, the clinic failed to open so we were unable to get their position on record.

Here is the story worth listening to from Marylin Hatch on that Wednesday morning.

Marylin Hatch Speaks To The People Of Montana

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Montana Patriot Standing On The Front Lines Against Corruption and Tyranny

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