Election Day Battle In Eastern Montana Heats Up

Election Campaigning is now in full swing across Montana. Candidates and those in office are working hard to make sure that the voters are provided all the campaign information they can get. It is very difficult with the quarantine in place prohibiting meeting citizens face to face.

The primary election is going entirely to the voters by mail in only. The campaign season will therefore wrap up the first week of May when ballots are mailed. The voters will have until Election Day on June 2, 2020 to return their ballots to be counted.

In Eastern Montana there are several legislative seats that are being vacated. In the 2020 election cycle the “Solutions Caucus” of the Republican Party are on the hunt to win additional seats that will join the Democrats in the 2021 Legislature.

Legistats of Montana led by Former Legislator Ed Butcher has been providing the voters a message that the mainstream media fails to do. The solutions caucus members do not like their voting records placed before the voters.

Voting records expose how the political control of the Montana Legislature is highly debated. Two of the Republican Party’s “Solutions Caucus” members Joel Krauter and Eric Moore are showcased in the following video.

The two Legislators that served in the 2019 Legislature are scored here by Legistats giving the voters a clear picture of how these two republican representatives crossed the isle voting with democrats.

Votes have consequences and Election Day is coming.

Montana Viewpoint will focus on providing the people of Montana an alternate place to get informed. Networking with like minded news sources will help the people win on Election Day.

Published by Tim Ravndal

Montana Patriot Standing On The Front Lines Against Corruption and Tyranny

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