Medicaid Expansion And Abortions In Montana

Medicaid Expansion And Abortions In Montana

Opinion by Tim Ravndal

In Montana the people voted on a recent Election Day to say no to “Medicaid Expansion” in Montana.  Because the Montana Legislature was in control of the agenda in 2019, they bypassed the citizens will and determined they were above the Constitution and passed Medicaid Expansion.

In recent days we were in a positive position that confirmed what the citizens of Montana feared and stood strong against.  Using tax dollars to fund abortions is not only morally wrong, but as a right that is being manipulated by the government it is Constitutionally in question.

If the citizens of Montana do not have a voice that is heard by those representing them, is there truly a chance that we still live in a Constitutional Republic?  That question and many others will continue to rise to the surface in this 2020 election cycle.

Montana Family Foundation has been very vocal in the preservation of the right to life and the protection of the family unit.  Here is a release of a memo that further solidifies that the will of the people is paramount to what is going on politically in Montana.  Medicaid Expansion Legal

The world is run by those who show up and do not fear to stand up for their rights!

By Tim Ravndal, Candidate for House District 70  Paid for by Tim Ravndal for HD70 PO Box 287 Townsend Montana 59644  Debra Brown Treasurer.


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