The Care Act

The Care Act

By Tim Ravndal

In America we are quickly moving into a new dimension.  It is important that we follow the prescription to protect the people of our great country.  It was not long ago that a piece of legislation that came from the federal representatives known as Obamacare placed a burden on the people up to and including fines for non-compliance.

If we are concerned about safety many sections of the new $2 Trillion Dollar package do make sense.  Helping the health care industry in place to deal with the pandemic is common sense.

Many sections of the new law passed by congress and signed by President Trump are a result of the national move to get a handle on the spreading of the pandemic.  With many variables factored into the decision process many citizens are severely impacted both physically and economically.

Here in Montana we are seeing a rush to the table from leaders of the financial industry as well as the many organizations that survive on federal funding.  Each of the chapters in the Care Act provide a safety net for programs in place as well as provide regulatory relief resulting in loan forgiveness.

If we focus on the priority needs of America it is certainly in the health care industry.  There are many pages in the new Care Act that do provide additional funding to offset the financial impact to rural health care facilities including critical care access hospitals.

As we look into the new law further one has to scratch the noggin and wonder why our federal government is placing regulatory constraints in areas that, without a doubt, will face economic distress.  Here in Montana that is certainly going to be a front and center problem when the 2021 Montana Legislature convenes to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic.

In the founding of this nation the individual states were established to provide for the rights of the people.  The 10th Amendment is in place to reserve those rights reserved to the states and or the people.  This foundation removed the threat of a centralized government unaccountable to the people.

In Montana, Governor Bullock set the stage for federal overreach without hesitation.  The declaration by executive order of an emergency provided the open door to federal funding.  In this scenario a political move was made to ensure that social manipulation would be achieved with minimal resistance from the people of Montana.

The 2020 election cycle is on the table with Governor Bullock using his authority to manipulate the election process here in Montana.  Although the provision for this is founded in the emergency declaration, will the citizens really have a fair and open election as guaranteed by the Constitution?

It is important to note that the whole picture of where we are today is dependent upon historical lessons.  We are now seeing a dimension of political posturing second to none in our free nation.  In this case, it is the duty of the citizens to make sure that the rights of the people are not sacrificed for safety.

Here is an unofficial portrait of the many provisions of the new  FINAL CARES ACT

Know who is representing the people as opposed to who is representing the system when you go to the ballot box.  Remember, if you don’t vote, your rights are assigned to someone that may not represent you.

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Montana Patriot Standing On The Front Lines Against Corruption and Tyranny

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