Maybe a White House Petition to get President Trump to pay attention to the People of Montana’s voice would be in order?

Western Montana Water Rights

© 2020 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

How does one small tribe in western Montana wield so much power and fear over so many people?  How is it that they continue to advance a compact that will destroy agriculture in the era of President Trump?

For the past several years our main focus has been on the Flathead Water Compact, but Senator Daines’ recent support of it brings so much more than water into focus.  The CSKT Compact is just one aspect of the incestuous relationship that exists between federally “recognized” Indian tribes and our government.  It speaks to massive corruption through all of the federal money and companion legislation that feeds and empowers  the beast.

Have you considered the possibility that the Ukraine foreign aid scandal could be just one of many similar money laundering schemes used by the U.S. political class and deep staters to maintain power and…

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