Constitutional Carry

By Tim Ravndal

Many Candidates across Montana will claim without exception that they support the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. They will Also undeniably claim to fully support Article II Section 12 of the Constitution of Montana.

When campaigning, many will put their hunting vests on or pull up a picture of themselves with a harvest of a deer or elk from a previous hunting season.

Also many elected officials even those not up for re-election will claim they support the right to keep and bear arms. But….they have concerns over the permission slip process.

So what we often see is candidates that use a score card from NRA or GOA or SAF or MSSA or…or…et al. In that proclamation, the public is advised that that individual will stand at all costs to protect your rights.

Is that where we are today in Montana? Do we believe that it is proper to ask our elected officials for permission to wear a coat in the winter if we wish to carry a firearm?

Several legislative sessions ago this issue came front and center as it does at every legislative session as far back as the formation of the first 10 Amendments to the United States Constitution.

Montana Legislature passed the following law to enhance the awareness of our rights here in Montana.

Observance Of Right To Keep And Bear Arms

1-1-224MCA ”Observance of right to keep and bear arms. The week beginning the first Monday in March is an official week of observance to commemorate Montana’s valued heritage of the right of each person to keep and bear arms in the defense of the person’s home, person, or property or in aid of civil power. During this week, all Montanans are urged to reflect on their right to keep and bear arms and to celebrate this right in lawful ways.

Many citizens including elected officials do not seem to understand the purpose of how and why laws are written. The above stated Montana Code Annotated 1-1-224 sets in law the premise that there are no exceptions to the right to keep and bear arms. Designating this week to recognize this is in law for the purpose of acknowledging the rights of the people.

If we take a look at the most important part of the Constitution of Montana under Article II Section 12 we find the foundation of our right to keep and bear arms and the above mentioned Montana Statute.

Article II Section 12 of the Constitution of Montana The right of any person to keep or bear arms in defense of his own home, person, and property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall not be called in question

Montana Shooting Sports Association with Gary Marbut will be holding their annual meeting where they will discuss the upcoming 2021 Legislative Session. The organization will bring forward potential legislation that they will promote and work to get passed.

The meeting is tomorrow at the Delta Hotel in Helena. The meting will start at 10:00AM and run till about 4:00PM.

Will the Constitutionally provided protections to keep and bear arms be at the top of the list?

Published by Tim Ravndal

Montana Patriot Standing On The Front Lines Against Corruption and Tyranny

4 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry

  1. Thank you for bringing MCA 1-1-224 to everyone’s attention. The question I have is why hasn’t one of our public or elected or 2021 candidates mentioned this celebratory week? Is it possible they had no idea this statute existed? Late last year another statute was uncovered, 1-1-541. Another code no one knew about until it was mentioned on a Montana Talk Radio show, Montana Talks. And now you’re starting to see the flag displayed where it should be. Kind of makes you wonder how many other statutes are ignored or just unknown?

    1-1-541.Display of POW/MIA flag. (1) The POW/MIA flag must be displayed on or in front of the locations specified in subsection (2) on any day when the flag of the United States of America is displayed. The display of the POW/MIA flag is to symbolize Montana’s concern and commitment to achieving the fullest possible accounting of United States military personnel who, having been prisoners of war or missing in action, still remain unaccounted for or who in the future may become prisoners of war, missing in action, or otherwise unaccounted for as a result of hostile action.

    (2) The POW/MIA flag must be displayed pursuant to subsection (1) at the following locations:
    (a) the state capitol;
    (b) any building that serves as the location of a state district court;
    (c) any building that serves as the location of a city or town hall for an incorporated city or town; and
    (d) any building that serves as the main administrative building of a county.

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  2. Just a reminder that LR 130 will be on the ballot in November! Governor Bullock vetoed HB 325 so HB 357, “An act revising firearms laws to secure the right to keep and bear arms and to prevent a patchwork of restrictions by local governments across the state and proving that local governments may not regulate the carrying of concealed weapons” bypassed his desk and will put the question to the People.
    Thank you Governor Bullock for standing for our Constitutional Rights! NOT!!!!! See you at the ballot box Governor! We, The People will stand for ourselves and vote for our rights!

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  3. I will be running a Montana State Flag Etiquette bill next session. Our State beloved flag was removed by our Governor Bullock and a special interest flag (Gay Pride) was flown in it’s place. I would not have had such heartburn had the special interest flag been run up under our State flag. Our Governor chose to totally remove our State Flag from it’s place of honor and ordered a special interest flag flown in it’s place. The Montana State Flag Etiquette bill will ensure our beloved State Flag ALWAYS flies at it’s place of honor at the top of the flag pole. ALL special interest flags and pennants MUST be flown under our State Flag.

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