History Lesson For Today

By Tim Ravndal


In 1691 there was a preacher from Ipswich named John Wise who said these things. This happened when the leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony violently opposed democracy.

“It needs must be a democracy…this is the form of government which the light of nature does highly value…Also the natural equality of man amongst men must be duly favoured; in that government was never established by God or nature, to give one man a prerogative to insult over another. The end of all good government is to cultivate humanity, and promote the happiness of all, and the good of every man in his rights, his life, liberty, estate, honor…without injury or abuse to any.”

“…Brethren, ye have been called unto Liberty, therefore Hold your hold, brethren!…Pull well upon the oar, you have a rich cargo, and I hop we shall escape shipwreck…Daylight and good piloting will secure all.”

The above history lesson is documented in the book pictured above. It is relevant information that was gathered dating back to the 17th Century up to the start of World War II.

Stay tuned for more facts that we see were lessons of the past that affect us today and our future.

Published by Tim Ravndal

Montana Patriot Standing On The Front Lines Against Corruption and Tyranny

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