Wolves Have No Mercy

By Tim Ravndal

It has been now nearly a quarter century since the Federal Government brought to Montana an invasive species known as the wolf.

Animal Rights Activists took to the streets from New York to Los Angeles with a cry to save the wolves. In that quest, the National Park regulators looked the other way and rubber stamped the plan to re-introduce wolves into Yellowstone National Park

As the plan moved forward, ranchers, farmers, hunters and families across Montana looked at history and called foul to the federal government officials. The quest for responsible wildlife management then came home to rest with Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks. (MFWP)

In the next several years, MFWP took the ostrich in the sand approach claiming they had no jurisdiction to intervene in the introduction. In communities across Montana the truth continued to rise in what was being done with still no response from Montana elected officials.

Here we are in 2020 where the species that was introduced into Yellowstone has migrated many miles from the park. They are multiplying at rates that exceed the prey base available and still MFWP sits idly by only looking at selling licenses.

The failure to take an aggressive approach to wolf management has resulted in a catastrophic impact to the economy and the future of wildlife in Montana.

Looking at the species in question, there is documented historical records that show the re-introduction is not the species that existed in the United States when Montana became a territory and later a state. The species now here is a hybrid that has no biological connection to the management of wildlife in Montana.

We now are looking at a new Governor of Montana along with multiple other high level offices that will be filled in November. Will these elected officials protect the rights of the people or will they continue to march down the road of political and social correctness?

If you like deer and elk hunting in Montana and love to stand with ranchers to protect Livestock and private property rights, do not help promote a political agenda that is destined to ruin Montana. In November remember who is going to stand for the people and those who only stand for the system that is working the system for the system.

Published by Tim Ravndal

Montana Patriot Standing On The Front Lines Against Corruption and Tyranny

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